Night Eating Syndrome

Eating at night for comfort and in moderation is a part of being human. However when the habit becomes regular and there is an overindulgence on comfort food it may begin to affect  enjoyment of life, health and well being. Often this may cause episodes of dieting, leading to a diet binge cycle and the realisation that diets don’t work.

Night eating syndrome was first described in 1955 as a disordered eating behaviour.

  • Do you find that your appetite increases during the evening? 
  • Do you crave foods during the evening or even after midnight?  
  • Do you have little appetite for food in the morning?
  • Do you have trouble going to sleep and/or staying asleep during the night?.
  • Do you experience mood changes during the day?

Overcoming Night Eating Syndrome

Often one way to begin the process of overcoming patterns of night eating is to try and observe what is causing you to eat. It may be that you are eating sugary or fatty food because you are feeling sad, tired, stressed, annoyed etc. This may lead to a Sugar Addiction. Being aware of the behaviour will help recognise some of the triggers that are leading to the eating patterns.

With our help you can learn a range of tools to help deal with difficult emotions, stress and anxiety.  With time you can learn to respond rather than react to difficult situation and challenges.


How Insight Psychotherapy and Hypnotherapy can Help You.

The good news is that Night Eating is treatable and with the right help and support you can overcome the behaviour and find freedom from it. The reasons why you have developed the behaviour is personal and individual, so the way of dealing with it will also be individual and catered to you.



Our Philosphy is to provide a  therapeutic, nurturing and supportive environment



At Insight Psychotherapy and Hypnotherapy we take a holistic approach towards overcoming night eating. In particular we address individual biological, psychological and social influences that have prevented you succeeding in the past. Vanessa has in depth experience in a range of therapies to help you.  Some of these include:



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