Chocolate Addiction

Are you  addicted to Chocolate?

Chocolate is not addictive in that it does not lead to a chemical dependency.  

However, what many call “Chocoholism” is more about Sugar Cravings. Research has shown that people who believe they are addicted to chocolate become more psychologically aroused by the sight of chocolate as indicated by increased heart rate. However it is often their anticipation of something sweet and pleasurable rather than any chemical addiction to chocolate.

The high sugar content in chocolate makes it one of the most sought comfort foods. Research has indicated that often, when we experienced something that makes us feel low we may instinctively search for sugar to lift our low mood. 

Chocolate can become a form of sugary self –medication.

Chocolate contains a number of substances with mild psychoactive properties.  The two most common substances are caffeine and theobromine.

Research has shown that the caffeine and theobromine found in dark chocolate can affect energy levels.  However white chocolate which contains little or no dark chocolate does not have the same effect.  There is some research indicating the magnesium properties in dark chocolate may make some people feel like eating it. If you are low in magnesium levels you may find an attraction or craving for dark chocolate.

Chocolate also contains small amounts of a psychoactive substance called anandamide. Anandamide is also a neurotransmitter used for brain signalling and activates the same receptors in the brain that respond to cannabis. However even though chocolate does contain mild psychoactive ingredients, they are in such tiny quantities that you would have to eat impossibility large amounts on a regular basis to reach any addiction to it.

Most of the research and experiments undertaken with rats as well as humans indicate that the cravings experienced by “chocaholics” are driven more by the taste, appearance, texture, sugar context and psychological association rather than any psychoactive properties.

How Insight Psychotherapy and Hypnotherapy can Help you       

Often this type of craving is a learned behaviour or relation to a psychological association buried so deep in our subconscious that we may not even be aware of it. An  important part of the process is to identify and gain insight as to the reason you have a psychological association with chocolate. 

Through hypnotherapy, psychotherapy  and couselling we can gain insight into these internal drivers, release them from your subconscious and replace them with more positive thoughts leading to more productive behaviours.

The good news is that Chocolate Addiction is treatable and with the right help and support you can overcome the behaviour and find freedom from it. The reasons why you have developed this behaviour is personal and individual, so the way of dealing with it will also be individual and catered to your personally and belief. 

Our Philosphy is to provide a  therapeutic, nurturing and supportive environment

At Insight Psychotherapy and Hypnotherapy we take a holistic approach towards overcoming chocolate addiction. In particular we address individual biological, psychological and social influences that may have prevented you succeeding in the past. We have in depth experience in a range of therapies to help you. Some of these include:


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