Gambling Addiction

Gambling addiction may also be known as problem gambling or compulsive gambling.  For many the occasional bet is not a serious issue, however, for some it can lead to a gambling addiction when it interferes with life responsibilities, relationships and leads to financial problems.

Compulsive gamblers are not able to control the impulse to continue gamble even when they are aware the behaviour is causing problems to themselves and their relationships.

If you are preoccupied with gambling and spend more and more time chasing the losses you may have a gambling problem.  It may even lead you to do things you wouldn’t normally do such as taking other peoples money or posessions to continue the addiction.

Gambling may have turned into an addiction if:

  • Your are constantly thinking about it
  • Are secretive about your gambling, feeling others may not understand
  • You are not able to stop and walk away even if you are loosing money
  • You borrow or take other peoples money to continue gambling
  • It is affecting your ability to continue with life’s responsibilities
  • It is having an impact on your relationships
  • You continually deny it is a problem

Often, difficult emotions such as stress, fear, depression, loneliness and anxiety may lead to impulsive gambling. For some it may be a way of unwinding and escaping difficult life situations.

Some of the reasons you may continue to gamble:

  • Excitement and thrill
  • To overcome social insecurity
  • Boredom
  • Loneliness
  • To overcome money debt problems
  • To escape from difficult emotions or life situations
  • To release stress

The good news is that gambling addiction is treatable. When you are in the centre of your addiction you may feel there is no other way out, however if you are ready to recognise the problem we can help you to overcome your gambling addiction and find ways to regain control of your life.  

Therapy is often taken on by those who are aware and realise they have reached a stage where they need help. Counselling can give you insight, tools and support to overcome this issue and release you from the burdens associated with it.

Everyone with this issue is unique and individual and so the way to overcome the addiction is to work on a personally tailored programme specifically for you.  Once you have reached the stage of recognising your issues, you have taken the most challenging step of recovery. From this position you will be able to find your freedom from gambling with the help and support of our personalised counselling.

How Insight Psychotherapy and Hypnotherapy can Help You.

Our Philosphy is to provide a  therapeutic, nurturing and supportive environment


At Insight Psychotherapy and Hypnotherapy we take a holistic approach towards gambling. In particular we address individual biological, psychological and social influences that have prevented you succeeding in the past.

Our approach as counsellors and hypnotherapists is to work with utmost respect and acceptance for you, your issues and your purpose in seeking our services
The reasons why you have developed the behaviour is specific and individual, so the way of dealing with it will also be specific and individual.

Vanessa has in depth experience in a range of therapies to help you. Some of these include:

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