Healing Depression

We all may feel down at certain times in our lives, however when these feeling of emptiness and despair are constant and won't go away, it may be a state of depression where professional support is required.  

Depression is more than a deep sadness. It is a state that makes it difficult to function and effects ability to deal with your daily responsibilities.  Often things that were of interest such as hobbies, work or friends are no longer enjoyable. There may also be feelings of constant fatigue, exhaustion and hopelessness.

Depression is a very individual experience and varies from person to person. Some of the following signs or symptoms of depression are part of every day living. If you expereince many of these symptoms on a regular basis, you may be experiencing some level of depression.


Some common symptoms of depression:

  • Difficulty concentrating, making decisions or remembering things
  • Loss of energy, fatigue, or exhaustion
  • Insomnia or oversleeping
  • Change in appetite and weight ( increase or decrease)
  • Feelings of hopelessness 
  • Loss of interest in life and low levels of joy or pleasure
  • Restlessness or low tolerance levels

As everyone’s experience of depression is very individual, if you feel you are experiencing symptoms of depression, the best thing you can do is to seek help.


How Insight Psychotherapy and Hypnotherapy can Help You


Our Philosphy is to provide a  therapeutic, nurturing and supportive environment

At Insight Psychotherapy and Hypnotherapy we take a holistic approach towards overcoming depression. In particular we address individual biological, psychological and social influences that have prevented you succeeding in the past. 

Our approach as counsellors and hypnotherapists is to work with utmost respect and acceptance of you, your issues and your purpose in seeking our services

The reasons why you have developed the behaviour is personal and individual, so the way of dealing with it will also be personal and individual. 

Vanessa has in depth experience in a range of therapies to help you. Some of these include:



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