Finding Self Confidence

Self-confidence is very important process in our path towards achieving our goals and purpose in life. Often, even when we have the right skills, abilities and traits we may sometimes lack the confidence to express them.

Inner self confidence is the fuel that allows us to progress in life. Self-confidence integrates the powers of mind and body and focuses them towards the goal. It is the energy required to reach our life goals.

Self-confidence is the first step to progress, development, achievement and success.

More opportunities automatically come towards the person who is quietly confident and self assured.


Success flows to those who have a genuine and authentic sense of self.


How Insight Psychotherapy and Hypnotherapy can Help You.        

Our Philosphy is to provide a  therapeutic, nurturing and supportive environment


Our approach is to work with upmost respect and acceptance for you, your issues and your purpose in seeking our services

The reasons why you have a lack of self confidence is  personal and individual, so the way of dealing with it will also be individual and personal. 

We have in depth experience in a range of therapies to help you. Some of these include:



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