Find out your Smoking Triggers.

Please complete and email the following Questionnaire to receive Insight on some of the underlying causes of your behaviour.

At Insight Psychotherapy, we approach quitting smoking at two levels:

1.      Dealing with the physical addiction of nicotine addiction and

2.      Creating  awareness and insight of your individual attraction to smoking. Each one of us is attracted to smoking for individual reasons…

The most important aspect of smoking cessation is determining the underlying cause of the behaviour.  If you would like to find out more about the reasons you are smoking, please complete and email us the following questionnaire. We will respond with some insight for you on the underlying causes of your smoking behaviour. 

I smoke cigarettes to keep myself from slowing down
Handling a cigarette is part of the enjoyment of smoking
Smoking a cigarette is pleasant and relaxing
I light up when I feel angry about something
When out of cigarettes I find it almost unbearable until I can get them
I smoke automatically without even being aware of it
I smoke to stimulate me and energise me
Part of the enjoyment comes from the steps I take to light up
I find cigarettes pleasurable
When I feel uncomfortable or upset I light up
I am very aware of the fact when I am not smoking
I light up without realising I still have one burning
I smoke cigarettes to give me a lift
Part of the enjoyment is watching the smoke
I want a cigarette most when comfortable, relaxed
When I feel down or want to take my mind off cares and worries I smoke
I get a real gnawing hunger for a cigarette when I haven’t smoked for a while
Found a cigarette in my mouth and haven’t remembered putting it there

Thank you.

Your response will be sent within 3 days.